Basic information

Employees Provident Fund


  Employer: 12%(minimum of 12%)

  Employee: 3%(minimum of 8%)

Employees Trust Fund


Employer’s Contribution: 3% of the total monthly earnings. (Not to be deducted from the employee’s monthly salary / wages).



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Here are some basic information regarding the population and the employment in Sri Lanka.

• Mid year population - 20.6 Mn

• Growth rate - 0.9%

• Female Population - 10.6 Mn

• Male Population - 10 Mn

The following are the statistics relating to the labour force in Sri Lanka, which was obtained from the Annual Labour Force Survey Report of 2014.

Sri Lanka Statistics (Source: Department of Census and Statistics)

Population: 20.48 million

Labour Force/ Economically Active Population: 9 million (2nd Quarter 2015)

* Labour Force is the currently economically active population. Which is the number of persons (age 15 years and above) who are employed and unemployed during the reference week.


Economically Active Labour Force (2nd Quarter 2015)

Male                : 63.6%

Female            : 36.4%

Economically Inactive Labour Force (2nd Quarter 2015)

Male                 : 25.5

Female            : 74.5%

Distribution of Employed Population (2nd Quarter 2015)




Unemployment Rate: 4.5% (2nd Quarter 2015)

Unemployment rate is the Proportion of unemployed population to the total labour force.


Unemployment is when people looking for a job during last four weeks and ready to accept a job given a work opportunity within next two weeks.

Unemployment in Sri Lanka (2nd Quarter 2015)

Male                 : 3.0%

Female             : 7.2%

Unemployment Rate by Level of Education (2nd Quarter 2015)