The Company

JobStreet Lanka is a registered Employment Agency. We facilitate the jobseeker with matching employment opportunities, and provide employers with candidates and a database of employees whose competencies meet the needs of the company. JSL is a part of the global conglomerate,JobStreet Global which spans across India, Sri Lanka, Australia & Middle East. We carry out our operations in-line with our global counterpart’s vision “to connect businesses with talent and improve lives through better careers”.

Our objectives are:

 •  Need Analysis of Employers

Fulfilling organizations needs by providing efficient human resource strategies for talent shortages within the organization, skill gaps, and development needs.

•  Place and Source Exceptional Candidates

Matching the candidate’s skills and experience with the client’s hiring needs, who will be an asset to both the candidate’s career and the company’s talent pool.

• Opportunity Provision

Providing all potential employees, across the country, with equal access to job opportunities,through an extensive employer database.

• Obtain Expert Status in the Industry

To be the go-to source for all things related to hiring and retention.

We aim to provide equal opportunities to all employees in all districts of Sri Lanka by connecting them with local and global employers, while enhancing the knowledge and skills of the candidates through training and career development activities to provide employers with high-quality workforce

JobStreet Lanka guarantees to:

 Take the time to understand you and your needs

 Refer only genuine positions which best suit your qualifications and experience

 Maintain confidentiality in all dealings

 Offer realistic and objective assessment of your abilities

 Provide honest and constructive career guidance

 Introduce you to a range of job opportunities which may never be advertised

 Give professional resume advice and how best to present at interview

Our Mission

“To provide an efficient and professional recruitment service to our valued clients and candidates”

Our Values

 Personal Service

 Care and Attention to Detail

 Honesty and Integrity

 Relationship Building

 Reliability and Flexibility

 Confidentiality

 Responsible service

Our Commitment to You:

JobStreet Lanka is committed to a Code of Professional Conduct and we ensure the highest professional standards and protection of your interests. For instance:

 We will not advertise in a misleading manner.  You will know from the advertisement or as soon as you inquire about a position advertised, that you are dealing with a recruitment consultancy.

 If you are referred to an employer for interview, it will be a genuine job opening, which has been authorized by an employer.

 Referral to an employer ensures that, as a result of our interviewing techniques, you have been selected for short listing on the basis of qualifications, experience and ability to meet the specifications of the position.

 You will always be provided with full details of the prospective position including key responsibilities, career prospects, hours of work, conditions of employment, salary etc.

 Your identity and employment details will not be disclosed to a prospective employer without your permission.

 We will treat your inquiry with the strictest confidence and will ensure the security of your current position whilst the search for a new one is undertaken.